Not great photo quality but I still had to share. passed by this web footed friend as I left the $ Store. To show that I keepp my father's humor alive and kicking, I asked if he was out of quackers. 😝 The duck didn't find it funny either. One Animal Animals In The Wild Day Animal Themes No People Outdoors Bird Duck Photography Duckspotting Ducks ❤ Duck Out Of Water Random Animal Parkinglotpictures Random Sightings Parking Lot Photography Tulsa, Oklahoma
Never-ending talks, uncountable taunts, breathless laughs, picture trolls. This happens the best with Khila. xD Start Pv Akhila Engagement Parkinglotpictures Sun Shade Eyeburns Pose Frontcamlove Semiformal Traditional Menomakeup Shefullmakeup Fun Goodday Stop