MallardDuck💗 SpreadingHisWing'sInVictory One Animal Water Animals In The Wild Animal Themes Waterfront Nature Outdoors No People Thrillingmoment Exciting Beauty In Nature Animals In The Wild Full Length I💞💞💞Duck's Duck_Photography EyeEmBestShot's Fulllength Eyeemnaturelover Canals And Waterways Reflection_collection Reflections Of Beauty Reflections And Shadows Serene Outdoors
MallardFlyingToward's&AboveMe Flying Outdoors No People Sky Eyeemnaturelover Fulllength EyeEmBestShot's Duck_Photography I💞💞💞Duck's MallardDuck💗 Full Length Animals In The Wild Beauty In Nature Thrillingmoment Exciting
2MaleMallards💖💖 Reflection Outdoors Water Nature Day Reflections And Shadows Reflections Of Beauty Reflection_collection Canals And Waterways Serene Outdoors Eyeemnaturelover Fulllength EyeEmBestShot's Duck_Photography I💞💞💞Duck's Full Length Beauty In Nature Exciting Thrillingmoment No People Nature Waterfront Animal Themes Animals In The Wild
Moment when you realise that its not a leaf but a common vine snake.. Commonvinesnake Snake Spinechilling Nature Jungle Village Thrillingmoment Igers Igworldclub Igmumbai Istagood Mobilephotography Macroshot LGV10