The building that houses the Institute was originally built as a home of Lord duffein, viceroy of india from 1884-1888 and was called viceroy all Lodge. It houses all the viceroys and governors of india. It was designed by Henry Irwin. It has electricity much before 1888 before the rest of the town of shimla. Unfolded shimla conference. Where declaration of india and Pakistan took place in 1945. The Indian Institute of Advanced study was created as a society on 6th October 1964. Inaugrated by prof. Radhakrishna. Traveling India_and_me @india_and_me Himachalpardesh Shimla ._oye @oyeitsindia Himachalpradesh Adventure Itraveliclick Instaphoto Vintage Classic Vsco_spotlight NETGEO @andy_bardon @streets.of.india _soi Oyeitsindia Itraveliclick Instagram Instamood Instamorning Vsco_spotlight Aroundtheworld India_and_me IIAS Historyofindia Historyofworld British India followforfollow followme indiagram ip_meet tbt likesforlikes likes likeforlike