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Guys checkout this account (@sheerdecay) for fashion,glam and more to come. Fashion photography as their concept is. Recently started out by two NIFT (Chennai) students. Get into this account,show some love. With support they shall grow. Ideas,work or feedbacks if any,can be sent to them via DM. . Picture provided by @sheerdecay and edited by me. . . Mexture Artofvisuals Jj_humanedge Portboxindia Getgalvanised Rsa_mystery Rsa_mystery💫 Getgalvanised Jj_sombre Herfadedsquares Framedeuphoria Creatingnuances Iiframe Expofilm3k Exklusive_shot Solitarypixels Inspiroindia Unutteredmusings Fearlesslybizarre Sttmh_official Sttmh Myhappyframe Myimmensedreams Under3kyo Thecreativeaffair vscoindia