You never know when life will hit you and when it does it hits you hard. Always be up and ready for any challenge life throws at you. Football College Krvia Krviacup Annuals
While working in Chunnabhatti for the KRVIA annuals workshop we interviewed the people over there. We went to a school and the children just surrounded us. The boy in front was one angry boy. Love the smile on their faces. Remember this day @shreyaabansal Krvia Architecture Children Smile Mumbai
A little dash of red Flowers Macro Macrophotography Mobilephotography Krvia
The best way to end a meal and sometimes an allied design jury!!!! Studying architecture makes you do weird things like representing your site as food !!!! Where there is good food there is good architecture and where there is good architecture there is good food. True isn't it ?? Thank you @bansitmehta and for providing us with such good paans. Architecture Food Krvia