One day, after a few paychecks, some rearranging of my room, and some brining my dad.... I will have you little mean butt!! And you shall be named Chade or Althea... once I determine gender. Or I might say screw gender roles and stick with one name or the other no matter what. I hope to make you very happy, lil obnoxious shoelace!! Kingsnake IWant Beetlejuice Shittoomanynames Chade Chadefallstar Althea
Halfway through it. GAHH!!! THERE'S STILL ANOTHER TRILOGY!!! THIS I THE 3RD ONE!! And there's yet another on the way too I think. Holy crap!! RobinHobb Foolsfate Princedutiful Thefool Fitz Fitzchivalry Chade Chadefallstar Dragons Fantasy Book Reading Amazing Somanybooks
Chade Sunshine Built Structure Leaf