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A mouth freshner highly popular as "Pan" served in most part of India that is made of a leaf. ~ Mumbai, India Freshness Streetphotography Street Market Stall Marketplace Streetfood StreetFoods Indianphotography Leaf Fresh Mouthwatering Mouthfreshener Indianstreets Indianstreetphotography Green Colourful
Meetha (sweet) Paan - Betel leaf Mouth Freshener Meetha Paan is the royal treat at end of the meal at most ceremonies in Indian. Paan or Betel leaf is the perennial evergreen herb with beautiful heart shaped leaf. Meetha paan can be prepared in various ways, loaded with fragnant and flavourful herbs and spices. The common ingredient used in the paan is the Gulkand, a jam made with petals of wild roses. Paan is actually good for digestion besides being used as mouth freshener. If you have never tried a Paan, go try this and I am sure you will never say no to this. Paan Betelleaf Mumbai Bombay Colaba Cherries Mumbaimerijaan Mouthfreshener India Incredibleindia Nofilter
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