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Animal Themes One Animal Animals In The Wild Animal Wildlife Nature No People Underwater Sea Life Close-up Day Aquarium Water UnderSea Swimming Beauty In Nature Outdoors Betta Fish Betta Lovers Betta  Bettasplendens Bettasofinstagram
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Fish Swimming Water Underwater Animal Pets No People Aquarium Underwater World Fighting Fish EyeEmNewHere Aquarium Life Swimming Beauty In Nature Pairs Bettasplendens
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Betta Fish Betta  Bettafishcommunity Betta Lovers Bettasplendens
Betta Fish Beauty In Nature Close-up Bettafish Bettacommunity Bettasofinstagram Bettasiamesefish Betta Red Bettasplendens Betta Lovers
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Aquarium Aquarium Life Betta  Bettafish Bettasplendens Fish
The water was still cloudy from the new substrate, but it made for some great pictures. Less flaring and darting too, since he couldn't see my phone as well, making it easier to take pictures! EDIT: The black and red on his fins isn't fun rot, that's just his coloring! He's a Vanda. Bettasplendens Betta  Bettafish Bettasofinstagram Siamesefightingfish Fish Fishofinstagram
Betta Fish Bettasiamesefish Bettasplendens Betta Lovers Bettafishcommunity Color Explosion Colourful Bettasofinstagram Bettacommunity Aquarium Life Beauty In Nature Aquarium Photography Close-up
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One Animal Animal Themes Water Red Indoors  Close-up Bettafishcommunity Betta Fish Betta Lovers Bettacommunity Bettasiamesefish Betta Splendens Betta Halfmoon Bettatank Bettasplendens Bettafish Eye4photography  EyeEmBestPics Eyeemphotography EyeEm Best Shots Photographylovers Aquarium Underwater Tranquil Scene
Betta Animal Themes One Animal Animal Indoors  Vertebrate Fish Close-up No People Nature Glass - Material Red Pets Swimming Animals In The Wild Water Animal Wildlife Domestic Multi Colored Marine Bettasplendens Betta Splendens Bettafishcommunity Betta Fish Fish Tank Animals In Captivity
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Fish Glass - Material Fish Transparent Animal Vertebrate Animal Themes Indoors  Close-up Water One Animal Pets Animals In Captivity Fish Tank No People Goldfish Nature Freshness Glass Betta Fish Bettafishcommunity Betta Splendens Bettasplendens