United States and wife of President Woodrow Wilson, Edith Wilson. 

Originally named Kurt when launched in 1904, it was renamed Moshulu ( one who fears nothing ) by First Lady Edith Wilson after being seized by the US as an enemy asset in World War 1. Used as a transport ship and remembered for winning the last grain race before World War 2. Later rumored to be purchased by The Walt Disney Company it can now be found along the Delaware River in Philadelphia where it is now being used as a restaurant. Also can be seen in the movies Rocky and The Godfather Part 2. United States And Wife Of President Woodrow Wilson, Edith Wilson.  Phillyphotographer Cityofbrotherlylove Lovemycity Walkwithme Moshulu Delawareriver EyeEmLegend Eyeembest LoveeyeEm EyeEminLove BestofEyeEm Boat Sail Eating Showcase: February Taking Photos Seafood Cruise Boat Travel Samsungphotography Street Photographer-2016 Eyem Awards S6edge Streetsofphilly