🎶My restless soul a little patience.. Just another town, another train.. Nothing lost and nothing gained.. Guess i will spend my life in railway stations🎶 ― sung by ABBA, "Another Town, Another Train", from their album "Ring, Ring", 1973 | Passing KOMINATO LINE TRAIN 🚃 through the railroad tracks of the quaint countryside "Yorokeikoku Station".🚉 | 撮影地 Location: Yorokeikoku Valley Station (Kominato Line) Asobara, Ichihara-shi, Chiba-prefecture ・ 千葉市原市朝生原 養老渓谷駅 (小湊線 小湊鉄道)| 養老渓谷駅 小湊鉄道 電車 鉄道のある風景 線路沿い 駅 - Station - Transportation Mode Of Transport Train - Vehicle Public Transportation Land Vehicle Rail Transportation Train Station Train Tracks 菜の花 梅 Countryside Countryside Life Olympusinspired Olympus Photography EyeEm Gallery EyeEmNewHere EyeEm Best Shots EyeEm Best Shots - Landscape
Good Morning 線路沿い 道 Road
Open Your Eyes For Amnesty International Free Open Edit Open Edit For Everyone OpenEdit ゴメン撮っちゃった Dogs 散歩 線路沿い 気持ちいい休日の朝おはようございます(^-^)/
なおphoto いつかのphoto 線路沿い 石勝線 おはよー☀ 今日は お兄ちゃんの仮免の日🚗
被写体 ポートレート 線路沿い
線路 線路沿い 田舎 田舎の風景 日本 Railroad Track Rail Transportation Transportation Public Transportation Sky Railroad Station Railroad Station Platform Cable No People Day Train - Vehicle Electricity Pylon Electricity  Built Structure Outdoors City
なおphoto 線路沿い 信号機 時々鉄塔 鉄塔萌え 鉄分補給 また明日ねぇ♥.。.:*♡ おやすみなさい🌙*.。
Open Edit For Everyone Free Open Edit Open Your Eyes For Amnesty International OpenEdit 線路沿い スカイツリー 散歩