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We all have a common path. A routine path. The exactly the same way. This kind boredom will kill you, in silent, painfully and passing this everyday, will cast your sanity away. But, bite them back. Make your day. Change the moods of its everyday. Pour happiness, fill the emptiness, and live it to the fullest.
A no longer walkway of happiness as its supposed to be
A cup of good Maxim coffee as a kick start for good day ahead. 파이팅!
Grape pins. Eat and get choked. Map Pins Pins Thumbtack Stationery
This is Halo Phenomenon that happened today in my workplace. I notice it once I saw a few person took some photos and video of the Sun's 'son' . The son appearance is due to the crystallization occurred at the troposphere and act as the mirror, reflects the Sun image.