The city of Nairobi... . A lot of bad things can be said about this city.. it's robberies in broad daylight ... very annoying traffic jams.... streets lined with cons.... corruption.... dirt.... . but even though these are the realities of the ground.. if we just but take a moment to look up in the sky... where we can escape from the troubles of reality... we can begin to see the beauty in this bustling den of evils... tall buildings stare back at us and if you happen to be at the top of one at the end of the day... you can concur with me that it boasts one of the most beautiful sunsets available to man... and reflects the true meaning of Nairobi.... "A Place Of Cool Waters" . Mycitymyhome Nai  NairobiTings WhereIWasBorn MylandisKenya Thecapitol Memories 99problems 1love Bepartofit IfImpartofthesolutionthenImpartofthePROBLEM Riseandgrind PhonePhotography Photography Architecture Kenya254