On the Way to Thangsing (Sikkim ). Too much Color in one Shot . It seems Nature is bleeding Colors . The Water flowing is the cleanest Maybe . You just Wander and you keep on Knowing Yourself . That's why GustauveFlaubert said : "Travel makes One Modest . You See what a Tiny place you occupy in World ." GoechaLA2015 GoechaLa Traveldiaries Travel2015 TeamCleanUp Peace Himalaya
Yuksam Sikkim ParaSight Traveldiaries Travel Randomness Randomshot Blue Nature Landscape Lakeview GoechaLA2015 Trekking TeamCleanUp Instagram Instashot
Another Shot Ontheway to Tshoka ( Sikkim ). That Dense Forest is a part of Kanchenjunga Wildlife Sanctuary  . The day was Cloudy but it was Helping the Green to get a Different Shade and the Picture tells the Story . TeamCleanUp GoechaLA2015 Travel2015 Traveldiaries Trekking Trek to GoechaLa ParaSight Instamoment Instashot Instagram landscape color
Yuksam Sikkim Nature Nofilter Mountain Landscape View ParaSight India GoechaLA2015 Trekking Travel2015 Traveldiaries Travel TeamCleanUp Nopainnogain Instashot Instamoment Instagram Landscape
Thangsing Sikkim Way to GoechaLA2015 Selfie ThatsMe Shinedown Instagram Instaselfie Trekking Shambhala Simplicity Nopainnogain TeamCleanUp Portrait Lightandshadow Traveldiaries Travel2015 ArpanNag Instagram Instashot Instamoment OnTheEdge Goodmorning
Trek to GoechaLA2015 . Yuksam Sikkim . TeamCleanUp Nopainnogain . SuddenClick Colors Instashot Instaclick Instagram Travel Instatravel ParaSight Streetphotography