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The struggle is real... Good thing my phone gives me that extra set of eyes right when I need them. Riding In Cars With Kids Car Ride Gone Wrong Misbehavior Road Tripping Road Trip On The Road Mobile Photography Kids Car Ride  Kids Being Kids Road Trip Gone Wrong Play Showcase: February Kids In The Back Seat Kids In The Backseat Kids In The Background Rear Facing Car Seat How Not To Use A Car Seat Booster Seat Three Kids Surprise Things He Loves
A dragon in the hand... Dragon Egg Glass Egg Dragon Egg Metal Glass Metal Art Collectibles Black And White Photography Precious Things Gothic Art Glass Objects  Showcase: February Dragonball Dragons Gothic Rebel Rebel Things He Loves Photos That Make Me Proud Q Qua
Faces In Places Dragons Dragonball Things He Loves Portrait Of A Man  Portrait Photography Glass Objects  Glass Egg Egg Park The Week On EyeEm Showcase: February Photos I Love Man Holding Item Man Holding Man With Long Hair Rebel Rebel Q Qua