Long neck woman

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The "long neck" women of the Padaung/Kayan tribes found in the Mae Hong Son province of Thailand. The tribes were originally refugees that fled from the then Myanmar military. One of the refugee camps became a tourist site where crafted items are sold and is sometimes viewed as controversial but currently provides and opportunity for being self-sufficient. Art ASIA Beautiful Cloth Clothes Colors Cultures Dog Lifestyles Long Neck Woman Mae Hong Son Padaung Tribe Photojournalism Portrait Refugees Sitting Thailand Tourism Traveling Weaving Woman Showcase: February WomeninBusiness
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Found this beautiful Graffiti Art down a sidestreet in Chiang Mai | Thailand Hilltribe Girl Karen Tribe Long Neck Tribe Longnecktribe Long Neck Woman Long Neck Karen  Karen Woman Chiang Mai Chiangmai Thailand Graffiti Graffitiart Graffitiporn Graffiti & Streetart Northern Hill Tribe Hill Tribe Girls Thailand Hill Tribe Thai Hilltribe Girl Street Portrait Street Art Graffitiworldwide Graffiti The World Graffiti Collection
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