15th July ~ memorable day💯 Buruburu Relaxing Kenya Kenyans
I met this street vendor on the beach. He's a 25 years old boy from Kenya, went to Italy to live a better life. He is so funny. He sang to us "Hakuna Matata" so we couldn't have said no, when he asked us to buy some bracelets 😁😁😁 Feel The Journey Pineto Beach Italian Holiday Italian Riviera Abruzzo - Italy Pineto On The Beach Street Photography Street Vendor Vu Cumpra' Kenyans Migrants Better Life Original Experiences Showcase June
Finally getting round to going through my photos from Kenya. This was a wonderful trip to Watamu on the coast and Indian Ocean Palm Tree Locals Beautiful Beautifulpeople Africa Thebeautyofafrica Kenya Kenyans Coastalroute Ruralkenya The Traveler - 2018 EyeEm Awards
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Night made.... Kenyans Mollis
Ahahaha this Pope things are amazingly funny... Kenyans