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'Guitar Nebula' Guitar Guitar Love Artphotography Creative Photography Photoart Photoartwork Nebula Contemporary Art ConseptualArt Abstract Expressionism Abstract Photography Guitar Strings Guitarporn Snapseed Pixlr Picsart Creative Arts  Creative Ideas Creative Power Creative Design Creativity Has No Limits Creativity Creative Fujifilm Photoartgraphy
'Tunnel Vision'. I was walking home from shoping in TigerTown a few days ago and was walking on a four lane road , when I noticed a stream or creek going under the highway,.. So I decided to go down the steep hill to see if there was anything worth getting a photo of. When I reached the bottom there were three tunnels like this with two of them having water about a foot deep going through them with this one having only sand. Big enough to walk through I walked about ten feet into it and took this shot. The creek itself was unatractive and very overgrown, so this tunnel was the only thing to get a decent shot of. I used my android photo apps Pixlr and Snapseed to create this colorful view. I think it would be a great spot to have a model for a shoot with several themes, like a guitarist for an album cover or poster. There are several ideas that come to mind in advertising, like an ad for a new drug for depression, with the light being a way to escape dark feelings to reach for a mood change. One could come up with many themes for a photo like this in business advertising. I have to try to be creative in photography around here in Alabama because the landscapes here are not that attractive compared to the rest of the world. Anyways, I think it's a creative venture and maybe others in the photo business will think so too. Photoartwork Creative Photography Tunnel View Tunnel Of Light Reaching For The Light Adventure Photography Adventure Is Out There Adventure Trek Creativity Has No Limits Creative Ideas Creative Power Conceptual Photography  Concepts & Topics Conceptual Image Concepts Pixlr Snapseed Fujifilm Vanishing Point Creativity Photos Creative Shots Creative Light And Shadow CreativePhotographer ConseptualArt Light And Darkness
'1937 Chevrolet Coupe Customized'. This car actually has a blue color, but playing with photo apps I made it look like this. It's a lot of fun and work to be creative in photography. There are so many free photo apps to use, making it possible to create a little from each one. Creative Photography Snapseed Pixlr Picsart Classic Car HotRod Antique Cars Vintage Cars Snapseed Editing  Consept And Ideas Car Photography Photography Themes Fujifilm Creative Creativity Has No Limits Creative Ideas CreativePhotographer ConseptualArt Playingwithapps Playing With Filters Playing With Colours Playing With Effects
Myself - © copyright: Maryam Mehrabian - 2014 ConseptualArt Lowkey  Photography Blackandwhite Portriat
...l © copyright: Madjid Mirsalimi Art Fineart ArtWork 1x Accepted Curatorschoice Blackandwhite Scratch ConseptualArt Conseptart Portrait Storytelling Man Human 21century Modernlife Consept
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