MahaBandha First saturate the cellular body with Oxygen With Kapalabhati or Bhastrika Then After a deep Inhalation Lock the arms In seated posture Asana Then Place weight of body forward through arms through knees ( some place hands on the floor but I dont feel this is right energetically ) Exhalefully Then Hold the breath at the end of Exhalation Bahirkumbhaka Then either simulateously or from Root , then Navel then Throat Engage Moolabandha Uddiyanabandha Jalandharabandha Eyes closed Gaze inwards Behind where the navel is lifting towards the thoracic chest And imagine The combustion Of Prana and Apana Whose directions ha e been reversed by root and throat Locks Notice also the blood pulse Mentally chant Aum Ishwara Pranayama Drishti Mudra Bandha Meditation Yoga yogi perfection Samadhi manipura