Take some time for you today Timeforyou Put down the device you are holding now Maybe get your favourite Beverage Espresso Put all your Devices , magazines, papers or books away Look at the sky Day dream Daydream And Each time you become goal orientated Goal Orientated Let it go Letitgo Stay in the Flow  Yoga Yogi Island Islandlife Bermuda Relaxation Hamilton Rockislandcafe
It came to me just now The predicament of man Isn't one at all We spend our lives wondering is this what I should be doing with my life ? And all the while we are doing exactly what should be done We carry on the story Or the song It's not about us or you or I It's about the song Ishwara Yoga Yogi Song Continuation Storytelling Calisthenics Cycling Cardio Strengthtraining Weights Bermuda Islandlife Enlightened Expressoonice Coffeeonice Rockislandcoffee Rockislandcafe