Crowded bus

Travelling by a crowded bus: in most of the developing/third world countries people travelles in a crowded bus ... its painful.. its uncomfortable... to the child, woman and old aged... but no way.. you have to.../ we too have to avail this facility to travel to office.... people get in, people get down.. bus runs.... passengers travel standing and holding the O ring for an hour...... look at these two child's faces and imagine how its feel.. Check This Out the Snapshots Of Life of people ... not Enjoying Life but its a Suffering EyeEm Gallery Open Edit Eyeem Best Click Eye4photography  EyeEmBestPics Eyeem4photography Youth Of Today EyeEm Best Shots Daily Experience Getting Inspired Inspiring Getty Images Eyeem Best Image NEM Submissions Crowded Bus People Photography Daily Life Song Of The Traveler Everybodystreet Picturing Individuality My Commute
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