Saulsbury, TN

Chilled night. !
Young Women Eyeglasses  Close-up Smiling Be. Ready. Happiness Casual Clothing Sunlight EyeEmNewHere
Ugly pic but oh well who gives a care. !
No People Nature Outdoors Field High Angle View Grass Day Backgrounds Close-up bow and arrow nice shot Sunlight Leisure Activity
Im "T" "A" "E" who would like to know. !
Had a headache. !
Me one afternoon. !
Grocery shopping with my mom. !
School day. ! Band flow yeah aha I'm a band geek. !
Me before my sister graduation. !
Drummer at heart. ! Band geek at soul. !
Me in band. ! Waiting on the lil 8th graders to get in. !
Went out. !
Bri and I on the bus. !
After school. !
One Sunday morning. !
My sisters graduation. ! Fam(ily)
Was on my guitar hero ish. ! Lol
Finger flip whoever hate it. !
Natural slick curly hair. ! Get it from my daddy. !
I'm bright as a bezel whats on ya brain cause whatever is clever number one at whatever this black cloud I deserve wonderful weather. !
On the bus one day. !
Me and my bro-in-law in 1rst block. !
That smile is irreplaceable. !
In the drum room chilling before band practice. !
Hanging with my babies. ! Love those girls. !
Fam(ily) I love this girl. ! To death. !
One Sunday morning. !
Was rocking something like an Afro. !
My lil bro and I. ! Love this lil boy. !
Was up early with the lil bro watching Disney. !
Last Sunday
Was up late watching Final Destination 4
Went over my sis house for dinner and swimming. !
Me and my bae spent some time together. !
When board em strikes. !
My hair after its fully air dryed and combed out. ! #goodhair #curlyme3b
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