Just said goodbye to my best friend :( I've cried for three days now, knowing that highschool doesn't last forever :( I wish the people we meet could stay with us forever!! My heart is breaking and I'll miss him like crazy!!!!!! :'( I can't believe he won't be there to greet me next year when I walk into school I won't be able to just find him in the hallway and tell him about my crazy teacher!!! He won't be there to calm me down when I want to freak out!!!! I'm gonna have to learn how to be alone again!! Sure I have my other friends but he knew my good and my bad and never treated me any different!!! So goodbye best friend you'll always be in my heart and I hope we stay best friends for life!!!! I wanna be that best friend who cries at your wedding and get to hold your first kid :) you'll always be my Victor and that will never change!!!!!! Crying Sad Misshimalready Myliferightnow Myvictor HeartBreaking Highschool Bestfriend Loveyou Neverforgetyou Bestfriendstilltheend Life DontWannaSayGoodBye