Silvia in Myanmar

Pagoda in Interesting Places, on top of rocks. Silvia In Myanmar Myanmar Burma Rocks And Water Rocks Hpa An
Canoeing around Myanmar . Nature Canoeing Silvia In Myanmar Burma Relaxing Landscape On The Way My Year My View
Monks on the road. Silvia In Myanmar Myanmar Traveling Is Discovering Travel Photography Traveling Monks Airportphotography Airport Life Check This Out Taking Photos Burma ASIA TakeoverContrast
Amazing Reflection on water. Water Reflections Waterscape Plants Reflections In The Water Reflecting Silvia In Myanmar Burma
Visiting ancient temples, and at the very end.. Here they are hundreds of golden stupa. Silvia In Myanmar Inle Lake Gold Temple Temples Myanmar Burma We Live To Explore 43 Golden Moments
Floating villages around the lake. Inle Lake Silvia In Myanmar Discovering Places Travelling Photography Water Reflections
Just a horse, on the beach.. nothing else. Horse Beach Photography Beach Life Silvia In Myanmar Myanmar Burma Hanging Out Loneliness Beachlife Horse Life Horsepassion
Interesting Mean Of Transportation. Silvia In Myanmar We Live To Explore Discoverying Cultures Discovering Myanmar Transportation On The Way
More Buddha in interesting places. Here is a field full of them. Silvia In Myanmar Buddhism Buddha Nature Buddhist Statue Buddha Statue
After 2 days of trekking we jumped on a boat to reach our next destination. Silvia In Myanmar Travelling Photography Nature Landscape Boat Ride On The Way My Year My View
Meeting my friends again.. Today making heats. Silvia In Myanmar Myanmar Hanging Out Meeting Friends Burma Beach Photography Beach Life Beach Bum Making Heat
I love walking Bare Feet around Temples. It just gets a bit more complicated when there are rocks to climb. Silvia In Myanmar Myanmar We Live To Explore Discovering Places
Old busses and motorbike taxes willing to give a ride to everyone passing by. Silvia In Myanmar Myanmar Burma Exploring New Ground Travel Photography Bus Traffic Motorbike Taxi Traveling Is Discovering ASIA Adventure Time
Silvia In Myanmar flying around Germany excited about my next destination! Volando per la Germania, verso il caldo della mia prossima destinazione :)
Early morning on the mountain, getting ready for 2 days trekking towards Inle lake. Silvia In Myanmar Kalaw Travelling
Hungry while traveling? Just open the window and choose your food.Traveling By Bus✌ Silvia In Myanmar Taking Photos Bus Life Life In Myanmar Myanmar Burma On The Way
I love Burmese food. A lot of different taste and smell in one meal. Silvia In Myanmar Foodphotography Myanmar Dinner Time Discovering Places
So hot today! I decide to get a ride to the river, I'm sweating sitting and this man is sweating biking! Respect! Check This Out Silvia In Myanmar Myanmar Burma Biking Bikers Bike Ride Working Hard Enjoying Life Hardwork Traveling Is Discovering
Silvia In Myanmar Sunset Hunter Myanmar Friends Traveling The Turist My Year My View
Airport Catching A Flight Silvia In Myanmar ready to go!
Lovely Market. Silvia In Myanmar Myanmar Burgers Bananas ASIA Markets
Found my bus and made some friends helping me to get food and to find my way to the beach. Traveling Silvia In Myanmar Traveling By Bus✌ ASIA Burma Adventure Time Traveling Is Discovering On The Way
Enjoying the beach. Hanging Out Silvia In Myanmar Beachphotography Beach Life Life Is A Beach Traveling Burma Myanmar
Silvia In Myanmar Bagan In Myanmar Temples Landscape Myanmar Traveling My Year My View
Enjoying the sunset near a cave from which hundreds of bats where just coming out! Silvia In Myanmar Bats Sunset Hunter Sunset Myanmar Burma We Live To Explore
Amazing cave with Buddha and stupa, and great light view points. Exploring Caves Silvia In Myanmar Light Caves Travelling Photography
After a long day around villages and temples, here is the amazing sunset with the typical Fisher man on Inle Lake . Silvia In Myanmar Sunset Sunset Hunter Fisherman Sunset Silhouettes Myanmar Silhouette On The Way 43 Golden Moments My Year My View
Last stop before my flight, I spend few hours on the lake before heading to the airport. Ciao amazing Myanmar! Silvia In Myanmar Myanmar Burma Traveling Is Discovering Palm Trees Green Scenery Green Color Green
Drying yellow beans. Today is all about discovering Inle lake and the surrounding villages. Silvia In Myanmar Villages Discovering Places Myanmar Life In A Village 43 Golden Moments On The Way Beautifully Organized
Trekking through the colorful landscape of Myanmar crossing chilly fields. Silvia In Myanmar Trekking Chilly Red Landscape Nature
My first night in Yangon. Can't miss a night view of a pagoda where gold shines through the night darkness. Silvia In Myanmar Pagoda Golden Temple
Long flight is done. Stop over to Bangkok for the final destination. Silvia In MyanmarCatching A Flight Airport Life A Bangkok prima dell'ultimo volo per Yangon :)
After weeks of traveling around cities, temples and pagoda.. Here it's just relax. Silvia In Myanmar Myanmar Burma Relax Relaxing Sunshine Relaxing Time Vacation Swimming Pool Market Reviewers' Top Picks
Stopping for a coffee during my canoe discovery day. Hanging Out Silvia In Myanmar Travelling Relaxing Greenery
Early morning busy time on the beach. Loading and unloading fishing boats. Beach Life Beachphotography Silvia In Myanmar Myanmar Burma Sunrise Summertime Enjoying Life Life Is A Beach Sunrise Porn Sunrise_Collection Sunrise... Sunrisephotography
New airport new kind of people. From travellers of any kind in Bangkok to business travellers in Munich. Hanging Out Taking Photos Silvia In Myanmar Airport Life Airportphotography Airport Waiting People People Photography People Watching Silhouette
Got our e-bike and ready to rock the temples Silvia In Myanmar
Ready for Barbeque? Silvia In Myanmar Myanmar Burma Mawlamyine Dinner Time Foodphotography Dinnertime BBQ Time BBQing Food Summertime Food On The Go
Man playing, screaming laud. Street Life Silvia In Myanmar Myanmar Street Photography Traveling Streetphotography
I can't believe how red is the ground! More I walk, more I get excited about the colors! Silvia In Myanmar Trekking Red Discovering Places Myanmar Nature Landscape
He will be our Driver today, during our exploration of caves and temples. Silvia In Myanmar We Live To Explore Travelling Photography Hpa An Myanmar
rushing through temples and villages looking for our new friend. enjoyed amazing views on the way. Silvia In Myanmar Sunset Sunset Hunter Myanmar
Silvia In Myanmar Myanmar Traveling Bathroom Check This Out
Like big trees have big roots... To be a strong person you need strong foundations. Silvia In Myanmar Trees Travelling Life Roots
Taking some time for a good fruit juice before the night bus towards Hpa an. Silvia In Myanmar Hanging Out Relaxing Myanmar Inle Lake
This Buddha is enjoying his stay. Buddha Reclining Buddha Exploring Caves Temple In A Cave Silvia In Myanmar We Live To Explore Discovering Places Discoverying Cultures Discovering Myanmar Hpa An
The little adventure of the day. Trying to reach a relaxing place, where apparently no tourists goes. Got my bus tickets, let's see what's next! Silvia In Myanmar Traveling Travel Photography Travelling Bus Ways To Say Thanks Discovering Places Myanmar Burma
It's time to make Buddha shining. And i love the outfit of the little girl. Silvia In Myanmar Travelling Photography Pagoda Temples Myanmar Discoverying Cultures On The Way 43 Golden Moments
Watch out for Buffalos! Silvia In Myanmar Enjoying Life Travelling On A Bike Myanmar Countryside
Beautiful caves with Buddha and amazing carvings. Hpa An Silvia In Myanmar Buddha Myanmar Carvings Asian Culture Buddhism
Dinner at my favorite place, for my last night at setse beach. Hanging Out Enjoying Life Silvia In Myanmar Myanmar Beach Life Beach Photography Sunset Light Sunsetlover Relaxing
The dragons and Gucci. Hanging Out Check This Out Silvia In Myanmar Airport Life Dragons GUCCI Dragon Statue Airport ASIA
The Hairdresser in Town. Silvia In Myanmar Burma Myanmar Birmania Life Style Hairsalon Hair Salon Mawlamyine