No doggies at the park today😩 Sadface Bored Chase Chasethegolden Perkasiedogpark Perkasie Goldenretriever Goldensofinstagram Doggiesforanthony AdoptDontShop Blackandwhite Luckyyouanimalrescue Playallday  Wheresallmydogsat Gooddog Rescuedogsofinstagram Pennsylvania
Chase's first swim He was found wandering the city and we adopted him about 2 months ago, this boy loves the water he was a lil hesitant at first but overcame that quickly! ! Chasethegolden Chase Goldenretriever Goldenswimming Dogswimming Dogswim Doggypaddle AdoptDontShop Rescuedogsofinstagram Rescuedog Mydogisbetterthanyours Swim Swimming Fetch Lake Lakenockamixon Nockamixon
I ate the toilet paper while you were out, and I'm very very sorry! Dogshaming Dogshame Chasethegolden Goldenretriever Ieattoiletpaper Pica TOOCUTETOBEMAD Goldensofinstagram Ieateverything Doggiesforanthony AdoptDontShop Luckyyouanimalrescue Mydogisbetterthanyours
After the rain the other day chase laid down and enjoyed the cool grass!! Chase Chasethegolden AdoptDontShop Rescuedogsofinstagram Luckyyouanimalrescue Rain Grass Wetfur Wetgrass Happypuppy Happydog Pennsylvania Doggiesforanthony Mydogisbetterthanyours Goldenretriever Goldensofinstagram
Lake monster emerging from the depths Chasethegolden Chase Mydogisbetterthanyours AdoptDontShop Goldenretriever Goldensofinstagram Lakemonster Lake Lakenockamixon Pennsylvania Nockamixon Blackandwhite Buckscounty
While walking Chase this am, there was an amazing sunrise, chase stopped walking and sat down and just watched! I really think he was appreciating the beauty of it , sounds weird I know but he sat there for a minute or 2 till the colors started changing before getting up and walking away! Chase Chasethegolden Sunrise Pink Orange Yellow Appreciate Morning Dogwalk Goodboy Gooddog Doggiesforanthony Takeamoment Stopandseethebeauty Lookaround SlowDown Appreciatebeauty AdoptDontShop Luckyyouanimalrescue
Puppy fur!!! Chasethegolden Chasegoldenretriever Goldenretriever Goldensofinstagram Fur Furry Puppy Puppyfur Gold Mydogisbetterthanyours Ilovemydog Rescuedogsofinstagram Rescue Mydogsnameischase
Chase, mud pup Chasethegolden Chase Luckydog Luckyouanimalrescue AdoptDontShop Rescuedogsofinstagram Rescuedog Goldenretriever Goldensofinstagram Mudbud Muddy Muddydog Perkasiedogpark
Chase aka crazy eye! Goldenretriever Goldensofinstagram Mydogiscrazy Dontshopadopt AdoptDontShop Luckyyouanimalrescue Rescuedogsofinstagram Rescuedogsarehappydogs Chasethegolden Chase Dog Doggiesforanthony
The Week On EyeEm Sunset Cloud - Sky Beauty In Nature Flying Mid-air No People Spread Wings Off Into The Sunset Take Flight Chasethegolden Chase Your Dreams Keep Flying Golden Time Of Day