Squatter settlement

La Toma de Peñalolen. Since 1999 and with over a thousand families, La toma de Peñalolen is one of the biggest and most emblematic squatter settlement in Chile. After seven years of occupation, families and inhabitants growing up here, make friends, fall in love and have children, but now, the local authorities, in his policy of “eradication of poverty” and ilegal settlements, has relocate around 800 families to different points in the city. But there are around 150 families who refuse to leave and decline the offer of the authorities of relocation to a new place. As a form of pressure, the authorities has suspended the drinking water supply, the electricity and the garbage and waste collection service. Mountains of garbage have begun to accumulate and lack of sanitation is causing diseases. Even so, these little handful of families refuse to leave, arguing that the new houses are made of poor quality materials and also are located in the limits of the city, in the suburbs, far away from their jobs and in difficult access areas. Architecture Chile House Peñalolen Poverty Santiago De Chile Settlement Squatter Settlement Squattercamp Squatters