Right before things popped off 😳........ Randompersonshot
Happy Friday Atlanta Randompersonshot
Undercover drug bust.... Happening Rightnow Randompersonshot
○2 different people ○2 different walks of life Randompersonshot
Fox 5 news Randompersonshot
Good morning instafriends... Randompersonshot
So I'm at Kroger and they are giving out free samples of chicken sausage, this lady is getting mad at me because I keep coming back for more free samples!!! she said she is not giving me any more! (That's why shes holding the lid down on the pot, bc i kept trying to take more Lol)....... so i say, "s sau sau sau sausage sausage sausage sausage sausage sausage sausage!" In my Lil Mama voice (that is probably the worst song ever made LMBO) 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 That song is not new, but if u haven't heard it before please go on YouTube and watch it, so u can get a good laugh 😂😂😂 Randompersonshot
The Friday rush Gopro NYC Randompersonshot
I really thought this was Hulk Hogan 😨😨😨 wasn't at all... 😒 Randompersonshot
Randompersonshot this dude is the meaning of Creeplife
Sunday run Randompersonshot
The open road Randompersonshot
TBT  in Bridgeport CT... my hometown... there's never a dull moment there... I swear these people for these pictures be standing at the right place at the wrong time Shoot2kill Randompersonshot
"This price can't be right" Randompersonshot
Me and Nana at the farmers market...shes always complaining 👵 Ok.... I must confess... I have no idea who this person is Randompersonshot
Its a Cloudy day today ☁☁☁ Randompersonshot
He's gonna get a GOOD JOB! Randompersonshot
So I'm sitting next to this crazy dude in the airport waiting to bored. he keeps screaming at his phone, "work stupid!!! Ahhh...its OK...its OK I got this....phew....WORK ************** (BAD WORDS) !" 😨 Um ... what's wrong with this guy?.... I pray I'm not sitting next to him on the plane ✈✈✈.......😒 Randompersonshot