Dear Jesse, It’s hard looking at photos taken exactly a year ago today and knowing you’re no longer with us. So much has changed but the place for you in my heart is still the same. But my mind is troubled by the emptiness, I had a hard time without you this week… I’ve thought about you a lot this summer and I’ve wished you were here every day of it because I know we would go on epic adventures together. You've got a warm heart and we all miss you. Love always, Josh Smilebright  TBT  Throwbackthursday  Loveyou Missyou
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I'm here....I'm listening to our song. Loveyou Missyou Rip Angelique Redtailhawk Alone Blackandwhite Oneyear Smilebright Hoodie Tears
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It's been too long...I miss you everyday. Rip TBT  Smilebright
In the waiting room. Converse All Star Redroses Thumbsup Oldschool Tv Good Times Smilebright Couch Cumfy Agoodday Memories Flashback
Dear Jesse, Rewind to a year ago tonight, it was the last time I saw you... I hugged you before we parted ways, I remember it was a very sunny clear morning – one of those days where you feel like nothing is wrong in the world. The former night was great, I'm glad I spent it with you and amongst our friends. And while I’m glad my last memory of you was good, I’m still on the fact that this isn’t fair...I don't think it will ever be truly in my heart. That’s sort of the existential bummer about reality, this isn’t a fairytale and nothing is forever. But I don’t want accept the ephemeral nature of the moments we shared. I’m going to extend them on forever as best I can or at least I’m going to try... Love always, Josh Missyou ThinkingAboutYou Loveyou Smilebright Rip
My choice not to feel is not reflection of my not caring. The truth is precisely the opposite. Missyou Notfair Rip Stars Night Sky Longexposure Love Smilebright
It's been 23 days and 17 hours. You were such a goof...I miss you. Rip Sad Smilebright
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