Someone was thrilled to receive a card from Santa this morning (i woke up like this look)! He only discovered it earlier today tucked in his reindeer stocking. (We had a deal that if we get him a present right there and then; a few months back, he will have to let Santa know that the presents meant for him will have to be given to someone else needing it more than him-- well, it was a long lisssst! Hahaha πŸ˜…πŸ˜₯) He still got super spoilt like it was his birthday. Thank you family and friends for the presents and making this Christmas exciting.😚 Hope he keeps up with the good vibes. Christmas2015 Santacame Christmasfeels Latepost Cardfromnorthpole Exdeals Kids Imaginemax Hestillgotspoiledthough Goodlist Christmasspirit Sharehiswishesandtoys Keepingupwithmem