Photoproject365 June2015 Clovewebstudio Homeorganizing Day 11 of 365 - Flowers and Books This is second day of my house cleaning project and I came up with this hanging rack idea. Cheap, simple, yet beautiful.
Photoproject365 July2015 Clovewebstudio Day 27 of 365 - Stairs
Clovewebstudio Sept2015 Photoproject365 365photochallenge Day 40 of 365 - Tree
Photoproject365 365photochallenge Clovewebstudio August2015 Day 39 of 365 - The Mandala Monument - Monumen Mandala Makassar , was built in remembrance of Operation Trikora , a West Irian Liberarion mission back in 1962. Instamakassar Instaindonesia INDONESIA
Photoproject365 July2015 Clovewebstudio Work Office Day 19 of 365 - Quick mini office
Photoproject365 Project365 Clovewebstudio August2015 Day 33 of 365 - Simple things like this bottle caps collection can turn into various fun game in our home. My little one collect them. So every time in a restaurant when I finish water in a bottle, the cap should goes into my handbag. Childhood Collection Bottlecap
Photoproject365 July2015 Clovewebstudio Day 23 of 365 - WashiTape in a jar I fell in love with washi tape the first time I saw it. There are no local store in my city sell them yet. I found these collections online, the owner imports them directly from China, I think.
Photoproject365 365project Sport Karebosi Makassar Instamakassar @instamakassar Jalansehat
Photoproject365 June2015 Clovewebstudio Coffee Morning Day 7 of 365 - Morning warmth
Photoproject365 365photochallenge Clovewebstudio August2015 Day 38 of 365 - on the Desk
Photoproject365 July2015 Clovewebstudio Day 28 of 365 - Number Numberchallenge
Photoproject365 June2015 Tree Summer Day 17 of 365 - Trees on a sunny summer day
Photoproject365 July2015 Clovewebstudio Slippers Day 27 of 365 - Slippers
Photoproject365 July2015 Clovewebstudio Day 26 of 365 - Late cooking
Photoproject365 July2015 Clovewebstudio Day 25 of 365 - Craft of the day : pencil case on the table made from tissue roll cardboard, ice cream stick, and some Acrylic paint
Photoproject365 June2015 Clovewebstudio Whitelight Day 1 of 365 - New Thing
Photoproject365 July2015 Clovewebstudio Whitewash Day 20 of 365 - Earphone I always love taking whitewashed photograph
Photoproject365 June2015 Clovewebstudio White Flower Day 8 of 365 - White flower
Clovewebstudio Photoproject365 365photochallenge Sept2015 Day 40 of 365 - Prepare to bake
Photoproject365 July2015 Day 24 of 365 - LEGO Cannon Holiday is time for Legoland fantasy
Photoproject365 365photochallenge Clovewebstudio August2015 Day 35 of 365 - Ship Boat Sea Ocean Morning
Photoproject365 July2015 Clovewebstudio Day 29 of 365 - Oldies Lamp While waiting for our order in a cafe, we looked up and there it was : a hanging lamp with oldies ornament, bright red with pale green background of the ceiling
Photoproject365 Project365 Flowers Desk Onmytable OctoberPhotoChallenge October2015
Photoproject365 Clovewebstudio June2015 Day 5 of 365 - Handwriting and Washi Tape
Photoproject365 Clovewebstudio June2015 Flower Day 9 of 365 - Golden Branches
Photoproject365 Clovewebstudio 365photochallenge August2015 Day 37 of 365 - Adult Coloring Page for my Metime this Weekend with Secretgarden theme Flowers
Photoproject365 Clovewebstudio June2015 JunePhotoChallenge My gallery of June Photo Projact 365 Collection. You may read it on The challenge continues on July. Yeay!!!
Photoproject365 365photochallenge Gardening Garden Fatherandson FamilyTime
Photoproject365 July2015 Clovewebstudio Day 30 of 365 - Drinks hot Chocolate
Photoproject365 365photochallenge August2015 Clovewebstudio Day 36 of 365 - Lighting Blitz Desktop
Photoproject365 July2015 Clovewebstudio Day 32 of 365 - Notebook Smile Whitewash
Photoproject365 June2015 Clovewebstudio Beach Day 13 of 365 - Beach sand I collect sand from every beach I've visited. It's fun.
Photoproject365 June2015 Clovewebstudio Flowers Pianica Music Day 10 of 365 - My Old Pianica It was home cleaning time when I found this old pianica from my secondary school time, back in '94. It still sounds well although the buttons are becoming yellow now.
Photoproject365 July2015 Clovewebstudio Day 31 of 365 - Archway Arch
Photoproject365 Clovewebstudio July2015 Day 22 of 365 - Book from Natgeo Nationalgeographic This small but thick book is becoming my kid's favourite.
Photoproject365 365photochallenge August2015 Clovewebstudio Day 34 of 365 - The Roses are blooming again Flowers Pink
Photoproject365 June2015 Clovewebstudio Day 3 of 365 - Red
Photoproject365 June2015 Clovewebstudio Canon G16 Day 6 of 365 - Gear
Photoproject365 June2015 Clovewebstudio Shoes Sneakers Day 15 of 365 - A friend's sneaker
Photoproject365 June2015 Clovewebstudio Day 2 of 365 - Sun Bathe
Photoproject365 365photochallenge Clovewebstudio Sept2015 Day 41 of 365 - Roses in the car
Photoproject365 June2015 Clovewebstudio Flowers Rosé Day 16 of 365 - Roses I picked up flowers from my mini garden and put them in a jar just for this project. :)
Photoproject365 July2015 Desktop Office Computer Day 18 of 365 - Desktop corner
Photoproject365 June2015 Clovewebstudio Instamakassar Art Day 14 of 365 - Color Pencils Made with Lidow
Photoproject365 Clovewebstudio July2015 Flower Day 21 of 365 - Souvenir from a friend
Photoproject365 Clovewebstudio June2015 Day 4 of 365 - Little Things
Photoproject365 June2015 Clovewebstudio Strap Day 12 of 365 - ID Card Straps I keep ID card straps from every events I've involved in. It means more than photograph to me.