ThisPlaceThisDay @bapu_pul Green Nasik Nashikdiaries Nasikevenings India Happy Peace Greenpeace Bythesea Memories Olddays Sonalishelar . . Can't wait to show you guys Pune , Staytuned
"She has a vision for herself only she can see, their inability to see greater picture doesn't matter to her." . Potrait Life Lessons Bythesea Vision Positivity Goodlife Nikond5300 Happy Girl Model @kulkarni.madhura Beautiful Cheerstolife @pursuitofportraits India Mumbai Smiles Sonalishelar Madhurakulkarni
"Life takes you, shakes you, breaks you, eventually to shape you and make you" . This photo always reminds me of "Vitthala tu vedaa kumbhaar.." . @Yeola . Oldshot Inspired Olddays Beinspired Motivation Villagediaries Life Samsung PhonePhotography Memories India Village Culture Colors As Desi Asitgets Sonalishelar Photooftheday Picoftheday _soi Creative Pottery Marathi Posts VedaKumbhar .
I didn't know old red public telephones still exit. . Girl Red Telephone Public Streetphotography _soi @streets.of.india Soiwalks Strolls Streetphotographyindia @streetphotographyindia India Colors Sonalishelar
@OldNasik Old Vintage Classic Structure Architecture Oldnashik Nashik Mh15 Mh Maharashtra TrulyIndian India Increadibleindia Travelling Travel Tourism Olddoors Grand Doors Beautiful ClassicOld Sonalishelar Photography Picoftheday
The old Crawford Market Building was wearing its grand cloak when i saw it first time . Old Crawford Market Building Cloak Giant Building Cape  Wrapped Undermaintainance Beautiful Bombay _soi Soi Mumbai Mh City Traveller Photographer Photowalks Sonalishelar . . Glimpses of amazing Pune, Comingsoon , Staytuned . xo
Amidst the speedy vehicles and the crowd there was THIS view 😍 . Sunset Skies Marinedrive Bombayscenes Mumbai_uncensored Mumbai Ig_india _soi Soiwalks Clouds Streetphotographyindia Somumbai Sonalishelar Clickmumbai _indiasb Ig_mh India Clickmumbai _coi Coloursofindia Tellmeyourstory Nikon D5300 Desi Desi_diaries india_gram mumbaimerijaan Could I put more tags :P
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I'll never understand my deal with old doors n windows😅 Nasikdiaries @OldNasik Nashik Nasikevenings Mh Olddays Old OldNasik Oldlock Door Woodcraft Wood Nikon5300 Nikorr Nikonindia India Indian ClassicOld Colors Colorful Sonalishelar
"If life has to end, Let it now. Not while I dream Of umpteen possibilities Or after. Why hearts are broken, Why hopes are killed, Why dreams are shattered, Only after you've had them. You don't take your love Away from me Just like you don't polish Firewood. Don't blossom my dying Heart again, Don't tell me this time It's true, And if you do, my love Don't leave after Because you don't polish Firewood Before you burn it. Down." . Poetry Feelings BeforeYouBurnMe Sonalishelar Nightslikethese @andrea.michelle.official
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I don't believe in changing the system and doing stuff for society. You start saving the world by saving one person at a time. Save yourself. Because you have to save a person, people and the world. That girl who's going through a rough time needs you, that guy who can't quit it, you can save him. Be strong, someone's leaning on you. . . World Needs Love and You Lifelessons Save Yourself Indian Chic Loving Life Sonalishelar