Photographic Memory This picture brings me back to the place and time when I found this coffee cup. It was August of last year when my brother and I drove to Toronto, Canada to drop my older sister off ar the airport so she could begin her journey to Paris as an Au Pair. On the way back home from dropping her off, we decided to hunt down a local café our other brother had told us about: Odin's Café. It was beautiful! It had such a modern look and atmosphere, paired perfectly with the auroma of coffee. Like the coffee pictured here, It was a bitersweet time. We got to spend some time together which we have rarely done in the past, being almost 10 years apart in age. And we knew Becca, our sister, was off on a whirlwind of an Adventure! But she would be gone for a year... That last part sat heavy. Collectively, the Memories ❤ this picture brings are good!... Like Coffee ☕. But also like coffee... they are Bittersweet