a teenage afghan boy riding horse at Nadir Khan hill, kabul, Afghanistan Panning Panningshot Panningphotography Horse Horseriding Cowboys Kabul Afghanistan Awmphotograpgy BreathtakingAfghanistan
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The Abdul Rahman Mosque also known as the Grand Mosque of Kabul, is one of the largest mosques in Afghanistan . It is located in one of Kabul's commercial areas called Deh Afghanan. Mobilephotography BreathtakingAfghanistan Awmphotograpgy Islam Cityscapes Instaphoto Nofilter
a day out of the city in a clear and silent environment. Oldcity Nature Clearsky Instapics Town Kabul Afghanistan breathtakingAfghanistan Awmphotograpgy
Darul Aman Palace (built 1920s) The Darul Aman Palace, literally "The Abode of Peace" or "Abode of Amanullah", is a western-style palace built by King Amanullah Khan to the southwest of Kabul. It was intended to serve as a parliament building within his new capital, but opposition to the King's reform efforts prevented the building from being put to use. A fire broke out in 1969 which left it severely damaged. Although later restored to house the Defense Ministry, the building was again engulfed in flames in 1978, only to be reused again throughout the 1980s. Finally, fighting between Mujahideen forces occupying Kabul in the 1990s left the building in almost total ruins with large portions of the ceiling collapsed and the interior open to the elements. © AWM PHOTOGRAPHY breathtakingAfghanistan Awmphotograpgy Dec 2015 Palace Emprator King Kingamanullahkhan War Peacr
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