My open letter to the two beauty queens... To Ms. Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez... I know it hurts like hell. The crown was right there at the palm of your hand but in split second, was taken away. You may not understand why it has to happen but believe me, this experience will make you a better person. I'm sure this one moment will not define you, but it's how you stand up in each downfall. Viva Colombia! To my Kababayan, my Queen, Ms. Philippines, Pia Wurtzbach, no doubt, you deserve the crown not only because of how you carried yourself in the competition but because of those candid and unknown moments that showed how truly beautiful you are. Let me name a few. You showed resilience. You did not give up on your dream and you didn't care joining Bb. Pilipinas 4 times just to get to where you are right now. You showed humility. When the crown was taken from Ms. Colombia, you just waited for instructions to go in front and didn't attempt to steal the spotlight. Never was there a time where you showed arrogance. You showed selflessness. When you saw Ms. Colombia crying, you approached her and attempted to give the crown back to her, until a staff stopped you. That only shows how beautiful your heart is. Having those said, I think it is clear why you became the Universe's Queen... Mighty proud of you @piawurtzbach Msuniverse2015 Piawurtzbach AriadnaGutierrez MsPhilippines MsColombia β€πŸ‘‘
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Oh no! You just didn't say that to our Queen. To my Filipino IG followers, you know what to do... Msuniverse2015 TheRealMsUniverse πŸ‘‘
Hi Ariadna... I'm writing this post not to judge you or to bash you. I would like to live up to the example that Pia has set and that is Filipinos are humble, friendly, loving and very understanding. I'm actually trying to understand why you have to post these right after the pageant? Probably, these posts gave you comfort and that sense of security, which again I completely understand and I don't take against you. But you know what? If I was in your shoes at that exact moment when the host announced that the real winner is Ms. Philippines, I would not wait for Paulina (Ms. Universe 2014) to go back to the stage anymore. I would personally take the crown off my head and place it on Pia's head and congratulate her. This would have benefitted you in two ways. First, this will show the world that you only don't have beauty and grace but the humility to accept defeat. And for me, that's the true character of a real beauty queen. Second, it will help you move on and heal faster from that incident. Why? Because even if you're hurting, you still showed kindness. And showing kindness in every opportunity that we get is the best medicine in any emotional pain that we experiencing. JusyMyThought Msuniverse2015 Piawurtzbach AdrianaGutierrez 😊
Found this pic in IG and made me laugh... But I must agree, bitterness do kill... Msuniverse2015 BitterMsColombia MsPhilippines MsColombia
So cute! Want to have one of these... @piawurtzbach doll... Msuniverse2015 πŸ˜Šβ€πŸ‘‘
Msuniverse2015 Mscolombia2015 Someoneisangry . notice the smile when the crown is on the head Lmfao !