Misty shot of the Liver Buildings. Igersmersey Liverbuilding  Liverbird Itsliverpool Visitliverpool Sonyphotography Sonyimages Sonycameras Blackandwhite Blackandwhitephotography Bw_photooftheday Top_bnw_photo Bw_lovers Rsa_bnw Liverpoolarchitecture
(Macro Testing 1/2) Just for fun! Gollum came out quite well.. Macro Manualfocus Manuallenses Macrophotography Igersmersey Praktica Sonycameras LOTR Toyphotography Toptoyphotos Toyhunter Model Thepurist Noedit
Day 4 of 7daynaturechallenge OK, I took this shot heading along the Coffinroute towards Rydal looking back towards Grasmere I liked how the scenery turned out, but for the life of me I have no idea what the mountain is? Am sure someone can identify it for me! Lakedistrict Thelakedistrict Lakescollective Cumbria Lakeland Scenery Panoramic Snowtopped Mountains Bluesky Sonyimages Sonycameras Sonyalpha Ukwildlifeimages Uk_wildlife_images Nature Lakes  Fiftyshades_of_nature Moss Tree_magic Mybritain
Statue at Liverpoolanglicancathedral . No idea who it is, but suitably moody looking for a cathedral. Lspfeb16 Igersmersey Statue Statueporn Itsliverpool Cathedral Lowlight Sandstone Liverpoolstatues Liverpoolarchitecture Cathedral Sternlooking SonyA5000 Sonycameras Sonyphotography Thepurist Nofilter
(Macro Testing 2/2) The summit of Minastirith Detail came out really well! This is only a small model so quite please with this one. Can move onto outside stuff now.. Macro Macrophotography Manuallenses Manualfocus Igersmersey LOTR Toyphotography Toptoyphotos Lordoftherings Praktica Sonycameras Thepurist Noedit
Last candle standing.. Cheers to @yosharyu for organising today. Shame about the weather but we won't hold that against you! 😉 Lspfeb16 Igersmersey Liverpoolcathedral Cathedral Candle Burntcandle Anglicancathedral Wax Candlelight Bs_world Candlestick Candleholder Lowlight Flame Candlewax Candleporn SonyA5000 Sonyphotography Sonycameras
Dog Domestic Animals Outdoors Poverty Poverty Lives. Poverty. Looking For The Hope Of Light. Homeless Sad Sadness Photographer Photography Sony A6000 Nature A6000 Sonyphotography SonyAlpha6000 Tents Check This Out Vendor Sonycameras Abstract Godscreation Heartfelt Emotional Photography Desolate
Blue Low Angle View Silhouette Sky Tree Nature Beauty In Nature Taking Photos Check This Out Just Messing Around!! The EyeEm Facebook Cover Challenge Sony A6000 Sonyalpha Sonycameras Screensaver Photographer Photography Night Abstract Breathtaking Sceneries JoshuaTrees Godscreation Nature Vendor
INSIDE A CHRISTMAS TREESonymirrorless Sony A6000 Sony Sonyalpha Sonycamera Sonymirrorlesscameras Sonycameras Photography Decoration Puerto Rico Lights Starlight Light And Shadow Light And Dark
Abstract Night Light Trail Multi Colored Backgrounds Motion Photography Photographer Screensaver Sonycameras Sonyalpha Sony A6000 The EyeEm Facebook Cover Challenge Just Messing Around!! Check This Out Taking Photos Vendor
Liverbuilding  at night. Liverpool Igersmersey Ig_liverpool Itsliverpool SonyA5000 Sonyphotography Nightshooters Nightphotography Nightshot Citylights Liverpool Pierhead Bs_world Ukpotd Postcodeliverpool Sonyimages Sonycameras Nightscape Thepurist Noedit Nofilter
Finally ! I finally got a moon shot! Take that perpetual clouds, now I just need a full one... ok, it's a little hazy..but I know I can improve it. Moon Liverpool Ig_liverpool Crescentmoon Nightsky Moonshine Manuallenses Manualfocus SkyZone Sonycameras Praktica Learn & Shoot: After Dark
EyeEm Best Shots - Landscape Cloud - Sky Sunrise Outdoors Scenics Nature Sky Desert Sky Multi Colored Breathtaking Sceneries Godscreation Check This Out Screensaver Taking Photos Best EyeEm Shot Dramatic Sky Tranquility Red Photographer Photography Sonycameras Sonyalpha Sony A6000 Vendor Nature
Just for fun..found a packet of sparklers on top of the cupboard so dragged the kids out in the garden! Igersmersey Sparklers Longexposure FamilyTime Light Sparkler Nightlight Sonyphotography Sonycameras SonyA5000 Sonyimages
Sony Perfections. First Eyeem Photo Sony Xperia Sonycameras Sony Xperia Photography. Blkandwht SonyxperiaultraZ
Silhouette Tree Sky Outdoors Sunset Nature Beauty In Nature Photographer Photography Clouds And Sky EyeEm Best Shots Godscreation Desert Sky Storm Watch Cloud_collection  Perspective Check This Out Sony A6000 Sonyalpha Sonycameras Screensaver Vendor
First...! 😊 Follow insta: Hello World Sony Sonycameras Sony Xperia XA Ultra SonyVietNam Puddle Puddlegram Puddleography Aeon Aeonmall AEON MALL桂川
Nachos x Frappe x Italian Soda Sony Xperia Photography. AtTheMoment Sonyphotography Sonycameras Hungry Animals
LOOK AT THE HORIZON AND YOU WILL FIND BEAUTIES, BECAUSE EARTH IS OUR BIG HOME Sonycamera Sony Sony A6000 Sonycameras Mirrorless Sonymirrorless Landscape Landscape_photography Sunset Sunshine Boat Pirate Ship San Juan PR Old San Juan Viejo San Juan Puerto Rico 43 Golden Moments
Heat - Temperature Flame Burning Illuminated Close-up Night Sonycameras Check This Out Photography Photographer Sony A6000 A6000 SonyAlpha6000 Sonyphotography Sonyalpha Multi Colored Breathtaking Sceneries Fireplace Log Pieces Abstract Vendors
Kevin. Familyphotography Fatherandchild Wedding Guests Photographer Roamingphotographer Candidshots Candid Sony Sonycameras Manualfocusonly Manualfocus Sonynex7
Ok. Now to get to grips with manual lenses! Bnw Bnw_zone Bnw_captures Ig_cameras_united_bnw Blackandwhite Rsa_bnw Amateurs_bnw Cameras Cameralens Manuallenses Tripod Photographerslife Photographersequipment Telephoto Monoart_ Monochrome M42 Sony Sonycameras Sonya5000camera Sigma Praktica Igersmersey Bnw_lombardia Sonyimages camerasetup