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Looking like a miniature special effects shot from a 70's era Toho science fiction movie, this is real....the location, less luridly lit as it is tonight, is still fabulously horrific, an industrial wasteland in a neighborhood of auto junkyards, garishly lit stripper joints, oil tanks and pumps, plumes of exhaust forming clouds that linger..... in this view, not more than a couple hundred feet to the left sits a railroad that sees freight trains coming and going constantly, adding horns, bells and rumbling to the cacaphony of the slow burn of an Industrial Landscape the perfect and fitting soundscape to match the Nightmare Visions straight out of a David Lynch movie. Now, about that Fire...that just appeared out of nowhere; as I was exploring the harbor area a huge orange glow from a Flare Stack appears, so I decide to drive in that direction. The scene in this pic takes on this Apocalyptic quality, and it was already pretty damn Hellish to begin with. I just get on any road I can that takes me toward that flame, thinking I can get sone cool Oil Refinery pics, but I'm driving for what seems like several miles before I get anywhere near it. Best I can make it, it's miles away from this location, possibly in Torrance, and I finally find a road that brings me to a gate with a serviceway that leads directly to the fire, which seems much larger than a controlled release of exhaust. i'm parked there for at least half an hour before leaving, it must be like 3am, a young couple drives up and joins me, telling me they saw it from the freeway, they live nearby, and were concerned about the cloud coming out of this Inferno ....I have no idea what this was, but it was definitely the largest thing of its type I'd ever seen. NightTimePhotography Industrialbeauty Industrial Photography Industryporn Industrial Wasteland Sleazy Motel Night Photography Nightscape Lynchian Nighttime Adventures Nightscapephotography Fire And Flames Fire In The Sky El Segundo , CA Chevron Refinery Eerie Scene Industrial#streetart#rusty#forgotten#decay#grime#urbanexplorer#factory#texture#industry#architectural#partnersingrime#usine#nantes#urbex#abandoned#rust#graffiti#urbandecay#urbanexploring#filthyfamily#bretagne#urbanexploration#explorationurbaine#forbidden