Akron, PA

rmh photos. Portrait of a future artist. Photo I shot of friend's son. Streamzoofamily EyeEm Best Shots - Black + White Eye Em Best Shots EyeEm Best Shots - People + Portraits
Not happy when power line in front of my house. Beautiful nature. Thunderstorms Streamzoofamily Sky And Clouds Eye Em Nature Lover
Joy is spontaneous. Her laughter is contagious. Happiness Depth Of Field Streamzoofamily EyeEm Best Shots
"Thoughts are the shadows of our feelings - always darker, simpler, emptier." Nietzsche. Streamzoofamily Light And Shadow Eye Em Best Shots Silouette & Sky
Beginnings of a new drawing Art, Drawing, Creativity
Hugging A Tree Forest Nature_collection Streamzoofamily Something about a path that speaks to that secret part of your soul.
Soon I will trade the farms by my house in for suburbia and the relics of the Industrial Revolution. Loving it while I can. cell shot. Streamzoofamily Rural Scenes The Purist (no Edit, No Filter) Landscape_Collection
Afternoon light. A Walk In The Woods Streamzoofamily Nature_collection Eye Em Nature Lover
An ominous landscape. Racing the summer thunderstorm. Streamzoofamily Sky And Trees Thunderstorms Landscape_Collection
Hugging A Tree Streamzoofamily Landscape_Collection Myfamilyhunt
He wants you! Boo! Blackandwhite Gothic Monochrome Streamzoofamily by rmh photos. Shot of my husband wearing one of his gas mask creations. Part of a series. One is being featured in a sh
Last glances before this Arctic freeze kills every glimpse of Autumn. Country drive home from farmers market yesterday. Eyem Best Shot - My World Eye Em Landscape-Collection Autumn Collection On The Road
TakeMeToChurch Tv_churchandgraves Streamzoofamily Churchporn
A poorly exposed photo of my kid. She looked like a fairy. Homecoming dance. Black And White Portrait Streamzoofamily Blackandwhite Portrait Of A Woman
That moment when..."Out of the mist, blindly an island, a rock, a tree will loom, obscurely transformed into a cloud." Anais Nin. Another from last Sunday's series. Rural Landscape Landscape_Collection Streamzoofamily Hugging A Tree
Peanut is ready for Christmas lol First Eyeem Photo
Dreaming of my next mask-making project (s). Mask_Porn Eye Em Best Edits Streamzoofamily Books
The moon tonight Check This Out
The light was so beautiful this morning. Sometimes, simplicity is perfect. I had to goof around with my Galaxy 4. Still Life Light And Shadow Streamzoofamily Light In The Darkness
What about this skeleton Bride ?!!?(: Hahah Love it!!!:D