長崎街道(Nagasaki Kaidō)

Nagasaki Kaido : Koga, "Fujitana" ( signify : a wisteria trellis ) Google Map point 32.808787, 129.967062 / GX1 prime lens set de Good evening. 50mm F/5.6 Blossom Flower Nagasaki Historic Highway On The Road. On The Street Corner Purple Soft Grunge Streetphoto_color Walking Around Wisteria Trellis 長崎街道(Nagasaki Kaidō)
Yagami(矢上), Nagasaki Historic Highway. 24 January2016 map point "32.775930, 129.951042" / Panasonic LUMIX GX1 50mm f/2.2 de Good evening Streetphoto_color Street Scene Streetphoto 50mm Blizzard 2016 It's Cold Outside Nagasaki Historic Highway Nagasaki JAPAN On The Road Snow Day ❄ Today's Weather Report Walking Around The City  Winter 長崎街道(Nagasaki Kaidō) Japan Scenery
Himi toge(mountain pass). Nagasaki Historic Highway January 5 2003. map point "32.750921, 129.924554" KODAX DC120Zoom( 1Mega pixel ) : Himi toge was called "Hakone in west" at the passage of strategic importance, enter in Nagasaki city. Close-up January Mountain Pass Nagasaki Historic Highway No People Snow Day Winter 日見峠 長崎街道(Nagasaki Kaidō)
Dutch missions to Edo ( miniature showcase ) : Dejima, Connected to Japan. 28mm F/1.7 Dejima(出島) Exhibition Illuminated Indoors  Iso100 Miniature Personal Perspective Reflection Showcase March The Way Forward Nagasaki Historic Highway 長崎街道(Nagasaki Kaidō)
Finding Nagasaki Cat : Animal Themes Siesta Cat Lovers Realstic Seriously Walking Around Nagasaki Historic road / 旧 長崎街道(Nagasaki Kaidō) の🐱なのです 35mm V-LUX1 F1filter plus
Koga, Fujitana ( Japanese Wisteria trellis ) : sunlight filters through the trees - the interplay between the light and the leaves. (木漏れ日)長崎市 古賀の藤棚 de Good Monday Close-up Information Board Nagasaki Historic Highway Nagasaki Today Outdoors Softness Sunlight Filters Through The Trees - The Interplay Between The Light And The Leaves. Text Trellis Wisteria 木漏れ日 藤棚 長崎市 長崎街道(Nagasaki Kaidō)
Today’s Weather report : Wisteria trellis at Kogamachi, Nagasaki City. Fine weather Nagasaki Today 長崎街道(Nagasaki Kaidō) 藤棚 Spring Flowers Wisteria Trellis Plant Flowering Plant Flower Growth Beauty In Nature Tree Freshness Low Angle View Outdoors Tranquility Fragility