The only people in this world qualified to hold us accountable are calling on us to save them from a system designed to keep the wealthy in power and turn this world into soup. People say that Only god can judge them. Others say that Child is the Mother/father of man/woman. I Say that only the children can judge us. If you can do anything to save the babies, then do it. Even if it is just yours. Because they are all ours. If you dont know what to do.. inbox me and I can help you to figure it all out.. or maybe you can add on to what I have already figured out. The comrade from FTP said 2016 is Year of The Ant. I am in unity with that and say it is also Year of the big homie.. TOGETHER THE ANTS CAN CONQUER THE ELEPHANT Thechildrenoftheworld IBelieveThatWeWillWin Agitate Thewholeworldiswatching Rbg4life Americandreamisanightmare Savethebabies Americaisdyingslowly PoorRighteousTeachers Revolutionary Capturedbyvictorious Peoplearmy IShootBlackAndWhite Dosomething Brooklynboroughhall