Discovering London Morning Beautiful People! Looking forward in seeing you on the 26th! @fivemilesinmyshoes Fivemilesinmyshoes Positive Vibes Sir H
Vibrancy Join me for a Charitable Photo walk on July 26th @fivemilesinmyshoes Fivemilesinmyshoes
The Stillness in Beauty On the 26th of July myself and some great friends will be doing a Charitable event. Please visit and follow @fivemilesinmyshoes Fivemilesinmyshoes
Thanks to everyone that supported and came to the @fivemilesinmyshoes Charity photo walk across @london bridges. Much Love to @visitlondonofficial Oxfam Wwf Unicef Big hugs to @mumhad1ofthose for being a Beautiful model x Fivemilesinmyshoes
Intricate Bnwstreetphotography 2/3 L4all Join me for a charitable photo walk on 26th July @fivemilesinmyshoes Fivemilesinmyshoes
There's no place like London! Taken on last week's @fivemilesinmyshoes Charity photo walk with Amazing people :) Fivemilesinmyshoes Much Love Sir H
Rain or Shine , much Love to @london Thanks again for supporting @fivemilesinmyshoes Fivemilesinmyshoes
Fluidity Bnwstreetphotography 1/3 L4all I would Love for you to join me for a Charitable event in London on 26th July @fivemilesinmyshoes Fivemilesinmyshoes
Walk with Me... @fivemilesinmyshoes Fivemilesinmyshoes Looking forward in meeting all of you this Sunday 26th for a Charity photo walk. You can do it anywhere in the world! Positive Cause , Vibrant Energy! Much Love Sir H x
Happy Friday Beautiful People! Don't forget to visit @fivemilesinmyshoes Fivemilesinmyshoes Special mention to @britains_talent @gm_cycleby @loves_london_ for featuring my Creative Slices ;) Much Love Sir H
A few of us wanted to make something happen on @instagram to support good causes. On Sunday 26th July, we’ll be doing a sponsored photo walk of five miles in aid of Oxfam, WWF and UNICEF and sharing pictures and stories of it. We would love it if as many of you as possible could join us, and raise money and awareness of these worthy causes too. There’ll be an organised walk in London but you can do it wherever you are, as part of another organised walk or on your own, all you have to do is. For FULL DETAILS (including sponsorship details) Please go to @fivemilesinmyshoes and follow the @stellerstories link in our bio. We would be massively grateful if you could help us spread the word, please simply screen grab this picture and share it, tagging @fivemilesinmyshoes / Fivemilesinmyshoes