An army personnel looks towards the debris of the temple in Bhaktapur EARTHQUAKES Earthquakesurvivors Nepal Nepalearthquake2015 Bhaktapur Buildingbacknation Rebuildingnepal
Stories of the earthquake survivors I was doing the household chores. At first it was a small shake but right after that everything began to shake. I called my daughter who was playing outside. I hid inside the bed but I started to hear the roofs crack. Feeling unsafe I immediately ran outside to the fields. It was a disaster. No houses were standing and some of them had caught fire. Do you know some of your school students lost their lives? Survivors Saftey Dhadkharkh Nuwakot Earthquakesurvivors Nepalearthquake2015 Nepal
Stories of the earthquake survivors I was dancing when the earthquake hit our village. For an instance i thought it was my dance shaking the house. But later my mom called me outside and we ran away. When i looked back the house was no more. Nisha Pandey EARTHQUAKES Survivors Earthquakesurvivors Stories Nepalearthquake2015 Nepal Nuwakot Dhadkharkh
Faces of Nepal Facesofnepal EARTHQUAKES Earthquakesurvivors Nepalearthquake2015 Lakhurebhanjhyang