Rescue, rubbles and daily life. The answer is always in an entire story. Bungamati Bungamati Nepalearthquake2015 24_hours_in_bungamati Dktm
An army personnel looks towards the debris of the temple in Bhaktapur EARTHQUAKES Earthquakesurvivors Nepal Nepalearthquake2015 Bhaktapur Buildingbacknation Rebuildingnepal
Life continues in Basantapur. Lemon vendors stalls their shop nearby the rubbles of Kasthamandap. We suffered a huge loss of life in the Kasthmandap. Rebuildingnepal Nepalearthquake2015 Nepal Basantapur Local Localshop
The cool moms from Bungamati. Despite losing everything in the recent earthquake that shook the whole nation, those are the priceless smiles I am offered everytime I go out for projects. Moms Bungamati Nepal Nepalearthquake2015 StandStrong Togetherwerise
Stories of the earthquake survivors I was doing the household chores. At first it was a small shake but right after that everything began to shake. I called my daughter who was playing outside. I hid inside the bed but I started to hear the roofs crack. Feeling unsafe I immediately ran outside to the fields. It was a disaster. No houses were standing and some of them had caught fire. Do you know some of your school students lost their lives? Survivors Saftey Dhadkharkh Nuwakot Earthquakesurvivors Nepalearthquake2015 Nepal
Afterearthquake Architecture Building Exterior Built Structure City Day High Angle View Large Group Of People Nepal Nepalearthquake2015 Outdoors Real People Stillsame
Stories of the earthquake survivors I was dancing when the earthquake hit our village. For an instance i thought it was my dance shaking the house. But later my mom called me outside and we ran away. When i looked back the house was no more. Nisha Pandey EARTHQUAKES Survivors Earthquakesurvivors Stories Nepalearthquake2015 Nepal Nuwakot Dhadkharkh
A women peels potatoes while looking at the destroyed village.. Nepalearthquake2015 Nepal Gamphedanda Yellowhouse Switchback Colorsofnepal Staystrong Dktm
Baudhanath | Under Construction Architecture Buddhism Religion Nepal Nepalearthquake2015 Monochrome
Faces of Nepal Facesofnepal EARTHQUAKES Earthquakesurvivors Nepalearthquake2015 Lakhurebhanjhyang
Rubbles and the gloomy weather. 22 days has passed yet the life hasn't been normal, still we have been strong and rebuilding the nation back. Rebuildingnepal Basantapur Nepalearthquake2015 Nepal Kathmandudurbarsquare
A granny along with her granddaughter and her pet peeks out of window to make sure it's safe after the nation was again hit by 6.8 ricter scale earthquake. Rebuildingnepal Nepal Nepalearthquake2015 Patandurbarsquare Saftey
Home where my dad and his dad gathered loads of childhood memories. Village Life Nepal Nepalearthquake2015 Grass Nature Day Old-fashioned Home Traditional House Haystack