Those moments when you realize your baby is GrowingUp ... 😒 SheConqueredHerFear πŸ’ͺ SheMadeItToThe4thStep IWasScared 😣 Iwasexcited πŸ˜ƒ IWasSad πŸ˜” IWasEmotional 😭 IWasProud πŸ˜† LilosWorld 🌍
You know you have a toddler when you wake up to an elephant 🐘 and an alligator 🐊 in your bed... πŸ˜’ SheToldMeToSshhhWhenIFoundThem SheSaidRawr IWasScared Not Toddlerproblems LilosWorld
I was fake smiling bc @ms_zay had a gun to my back saying, "u better smile or I WILL PULL THE TRIGGER!!! ILL DO IT DONT TEST ME!!!"... So this smile was the best I could do... I ran outside and cried after LastNight Madfun Ialmostgotshot Whyisthereapotatonexttothebeer IWasScared