Breastfeed in the forest. Do it everywhere!! BreastfeedingIsNatural Breastfeeding Baby BreastfeedersBeLike
So much milk and so proud of myself Phoneography PhonePhotography Young Mom BreastfeedersBeLike Proudmommy ProudOfMyself BreastfeedingIsNatural
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One of the proud moments of my life, expressing the 3rd time and got this much. Breastfeeding brings out a tiring, stressful but ever so fun and special bond between me and the lil' munchkin. It's a sense of closeness, of dependence and love that can only be felt by those who willing to sacrifice hours of sleep and self-indulgence, for the smile of the little ones. BreastfeedingIsNatural BreastfeedersBeLike Young Mom Happyday ProudOfMyself Proudmommy
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