Verseoftheday JohnChapter3Verse18 "Faith in Christ is essential to salvation, because it is the power that leads to obedience to him. The unbeliever condemns himself. He is lost and refuses to be saved by Christ." I keep slacking on my PersonalTimeWithGod ... I get so busy in my life with toddlers that I forget to make that time not only for him but myself... I intend on making this a Dailyhabit to hold myself accountable... I will post a Verseoftheday as well as something from one of my DevotionalPlans ... I feel myself becoming more and more down bc I keep worrying about what is unnecessary... The outside world and the people in it... Not everyone is going to believe in God and/or choose to treat others in a respectable, loving Christlike manner... I need to terms with that and continue on my Spiritualjourney that will lead me to where I need to be... Closertohim IAmABeliever Iwillfollow IWillObey ForGodIsMyStrength Jesusismysavior TheHolySpiritIsMyPower IHaveACalling ICanFeelIt Amen