It's never just a BathroomBreak for a Mommy ... Sigh ... You lock the door and they bang on it until you can't take it anymore bc they just may break it down... ToddlersGoHardTheseDays ... You leave it unlocked and they bust in wearing WorkoutEquipment as Scarves ... SighAgain ... I'm all for making a Fashionstatement but Dang ! Can't a girl just s*** in peace... ExcuseMyHintAtLanguage but ThisIsRealLifePeople ... Thestruggleisreal LookAtLiloTryingToMakeSureHersIsOnPoint ItsAllGoodHomie Pleasegoaway IJustNeedFiveMinutes Mommylife LifeWithToddlers Sahm Mommyblues Livingitup MyHazelSky LilosWorld OneMoreSighForTheRoad Sigh
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