Photographic Memory This little dog's name is Arby. I baptized him with the name it had on his little tag that I removed shortly after I received it. It was a gift from my mom's cousin, but I don't even remember when or how she gave it to us. Those were difficult years for us , we were in a very hard economic situation. In those evenings after school and then after work , I remember going home with my heart in my hand , waiting to see the purest human being I've ever met. My grandmother, Victoria , was in her last stage of Senile Dementia and was laying in her bed. I remember leaving in the morning while she was playing with this little friend, and in the evening , I've always found her playing with him,too. She used to tell me how cute he was , and sometimes she used to fell asleep playing with him. I used to sing her the songs she always liked, talked to her and day to day, see how the disease was erasing every precious memory from her heart. She passed away last year , and I moved to USA only with a few belongings and Arby in my purse, feeling so lost without her. Arby is the only thing I could keep from her and my tears flow every time I hug him, remembering my wonderful grandmother , my only relief is that she is not longer suffering , that she became the angel that she was when she was alive... Sometimes the smallest things are the most significant ones... Love Memories Smallestthings