Gilman ghost town

Abandoned and decaying mining structures and ore processing mills in Gilman, Colorado ghost town. Abandoned Abandoned Buildings Abandoned Colorado Abandoned Places Colorado Ghost Town Decaying Buildings Destruction Ghost Town Gilman Gilman Colorado Gilman Ghost Town Mining Mining Exploration Mining Town Mountains Old West  Ore Processing Ore Refinery Ruined Building Ruined Structure Ruins Superfund Superfund Cleanup Site Urban Decay Urban Exploration
Trees growing through the pavement of a deserted street in the ghost town of Gilman, Colorado Abandoned Abandoned & Derelict Abandoned Places Colorado Cracked Pavement Deserted Road Deserted Street Forest Ghost Town Gilman Gilman Colorado Gilman Ghost Town Growth Mining Town Nature Nature Finds A Way Overgrown Pine The Way Forward Trees Urban Exploration Urbex Urbexphotography WoodLand Woods
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Abandoned Gilman Ghost Town Gilman Colorado Fall Leaves Fall House Mining Town Autumn
Autumn Mining Town House Fall Fall Leaves Gilman Colorado Gilman Ghost Town Aspens Aspen Trees