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Working on dissertation proposal at @cst_news library. Imagination Truth and Pluralism
My study screen Quals Study Indianphilosophy Comparativereligion
Discussing projects after Moses Und Aaron Opéra happy to be a part of this class Twitter
Educationisnotacrime @cst_news Tolightacandle
Back to my second home 🏠.
Jio Strolling
Refuse any sense of arrival, rejecting a climactic picture of perfection in favor of a Transformative one based on uncertainty and continual Journeying . It is living in this tension, the often discomfiting uncertainty, that Transforms is and promotes Growth as Human . Twitter
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Systematic theology class watching Schoenberg Moses und Aron Ideas Images in conflict
Beginning of my library stash of Books my little space in the Library
The film begins... Educationisnotacrime Bahai Film Tolightacandle
RJ GrowingUp
I'm underlining everything in this text because it is so deep! Rolandfaber Thedivinemanifold Imitation Imagination Poetry Poetic Art Consciousness as art Twitter
Now I wait. Educationisnotacrime @cst_news Bahai Education MOVIE The documentary we will be watching is titled "To Light A Candle" Haddonconferencecenter
Love Education Learning
It has finished. An event has taken place. Educationisnotacrime @cst_news
At the Lemon Tree Cafe with colleagues debriefing on the Whitehead and Deleuze class
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Preparing the space. In this space there will be the showing of "To Light A Candle," a film depicting the denial of rights and Education of the religious group Baha'i. I am here because I believe the space prepares the way for the many, that is emotion, senses, the fullness of the self. From 6-9pm in the Haddon Conference Center at @cst_news it will be an important event. Prepare the space.
Powerful event. Educationisnotacrime Education Right for Everyone @cst_news
Derrida Deconstruction Caputo Deconstructioninanutshell
Tackling Salvation and eternal life from Schleiermacher today. Twitter
Buddha on Metaphysical things, on the Eternal things, and Religion . From his conversation with Malunkyaputta