Durban skate park with @ren_s9 almost landing a board slide kick flip out... Skate SECTOR9INAFRICA @sector9inafrica Skatepark Wohza Gopro
Adventure waits for noone. Get out... Be a hero. HPSAbeahero Wohza Adventure Getout
Do it for the fans.... Be a hero. HPSAbeahero Wohza Mbx Adventure
How would you live, if money was no question. Live large, be a hero. HPSAbeahero Wohza Hero3 Livelarge Getout Instagram_sa
HPSAbeahero Living large, chasing the dream. Wohza Instagram_sa
Be proud. Be a hero. HPSAbeahero HPSAbeahero Wohza Hero3 Adventure Flytheflag Proudlyzimbabwean Lionshead Capetown Southafrica
Be the best you can be. You'll be a hero in someone's eyes. It all takes practice and dedication. HPSAbeahero Wohza Skate Hero3 Skate
I want to wake up everyday, and say I love what I do. You can dream about... Or you can make it happen HPSAbeahero Wohza GivesYouWings Gopro_za Hero3 Skate