@iscream_chocstix absolutely dominated @plettrage2015 Icecream Iscream Chocolate Plettrage2015 Winning IamNikonSA
Rage Diaries.... @rossmccreath aren't you to old for @vipsuperclub Plettrage2015 Winning @plettrage2015
Down and dirty with @grimehousesa well hello there... What happens next is absolutely insane. Grimehousesa House Plettrage2015 Epic IamNikonSA
Diary of a barman..... @dangerdaveb @beach_bar_plett Sorry you want a double what? Sorrynotsorry Chinup Plettrage2015
What's all the "RAGE" about..... @desmondandtutus had a stellar performance at @vipsuperclub the lot, ahead of a week of madness.... Desmond Plettrage2015 Plett Boss Shooteditsleeprepeat @plettrage2015 IamNikonSA